The CourtZero book, written in 2004, is available for free.  Much of it is now rather dated, but the principles behind the illustrations are still relevant.


For the .pdf version, click here to download.


The audio book version is available for download by chapter in mp3 format:






CourtZero – What this is all about


Courts affect real people


Ed, Larry and Jerry


Let them enforce it


One third of a government


Judicial activism defined


A living, breathing constitution


Why should we care about judicial activism


What the courts have given us


The year in jurisprudence


Freedom of speech     

            Boy Scouts           Catholic Charities and Boy Scouts part 2


Court ordered morality

            Part 2                      Part 3


Euthanasia part 1       Euthanasia part 2


What privacy really means


Do courts do more harm than good?


The special interest menace


Big myths about judges


Short topics:

            personal injury            foreign law        pornography

            partial-birth abortion         the free speech safety valve


Impeachment and amendments will not work


The plan to confront the courts


Author’s note